Selling a Car at Specialty Auto Auction

Selling with Specialty Auto Auction, Inc begins by registering to this website and adding your vehicle info and pictures to a specific auction. To ensure that your car will be auctioned at the time you desire, please consign as soon as possible.

We also recommend that you review your title and make sure that the vehicle identification number matches the number on your car to avoid any problems. To help us get top dollar for your vehicle you should have the car detailed (clean, waxed, and shiny) outside, inside, and under the hood. Your car will be on display as soon as you bring it in. Many of our customers prepare a fact sheet telling the history of the car and what restoration work has been done.



When you bring your car to the sale it is necessary that you bring the title (registered in your name) and any other pertinent legal documents. The title and VIN will be examined, verified, and processed at the door by one of our employees. You will be asked to give an accurate written description of your vehicle. Please be honest in describing your car; this will be read by the prospective buyers and the auctioneer while the car is on the block. It allows prospective buyers a chance to become familiar with your vehicle.


Selling With A Reserve:

Putting your car in with a Reserve price means that you can set the price that you are willing to sell your car for. Only our employees and you will know the reserve price; this is a special feature for you, the seller, and is not for the buyer to know. It is important to be realistic about the "Reserve" price. If the bidding on the block does not reach the amount you specified, you do not have to sell your car. However, you can always lower your reserve and accept a bid while your car is on the auction block. The entry fee for a reserve number is $250.00 and the commission when the car sells is 8% of the selling price. Entry fees are non-refundable.


Selling With A No Reserve:

Putting your car in as a No Reserve means your car to will sell to the highest bidder with no protection. There are usually more active bidders when a No Reserve car is on the auction block since when people know the car is selling they are more likely to bid. This is a good way to put your car in if you just want to sell it and are willing to take a chance on what the car will bring. The entry fee for a no-reserve number is $150.00 and the commission when the car sells is 5% of the selling price. Entry fees are non-refundable.


Auction Time:

Specialty Auto Auction, Inc asks that you drive your own car across the auction block. No one is more familiar with your vehicle than you are, and this way you will be there to answer questions that may arise from bidders or the auctioneers. When your car sells, please go to the office to sign all of the necessary forms to complete the transaction. In the event your car does not sell, you will still need to go to the office to pick up your title and other paperwork needed to release your vehicle. We do however encourage you to leave the vehicle with us until the end of the auction since many times we get offers on vehicles after they cross the block.

How To Sell Your Car


If you would like to sell your car at any one of our auctions please follow the steps listed below:


  1. Step 1:  Register to this website by creating an account.  You can access the registration page from any page of the website in the upper left corner. 

  2. Step 2:  Visit our auctions page and select the auction that you would like to consign your vehicle at and select the SELL button.

  3. Step 3:  Follow the simple steps with our consignment form completing information about your car, uploading pictures, and submiting your secure payment. 

  4. Step 4:  Once you submit your vehicle it will be reviewed and posted live shortly thereafer. You can also manage your registered vehicle under the My Registrations tab when logged into the website.   


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